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Our Cat 140 M and Cat 150 M caterpillar graders for hire are fitted with 3D GPS integrated systems and UTS total station capable to flatten surfaces, grade soil, and compact roads to the millimetre.

Supplying Graders for Hire Across Australia

AUSDIG supplies a range of graders for hire with our expert machine operators to road construction and earthworks projects across Australia. Based in South Australia, we deliver our graders to a range of Australian jobsites to support them from end-to-end. Our GPS, LPS & UTS integrated graders are the ideal machines for road grading jobs of any size or type, offering increased accuracy that enables our team to perform final trim grading and earthworks services to a pre-determined grade.

Let us support your next road works or earthworks project with well-built and well-maintained graders delivered to wherever you are across Australia.


Our Graders

AUSDIG’s graders are the ideal machine for road construction and earthmoving projects requiring grading work done on time, within budget, and to the millimetre. We supply our graders with GPS, LPS & UTS integrated systems for increased accuracy and productivity, operated by our expert grader operators to get the most out of these features.

CAT 140 M

CAT 150 M

Hire our Komatsu graders for road works and earthworks finished to the millimetre.

Grader on dirt road

GPS, UTS, LPS integrated Graders for Hire

AUSDIG proudly offers our graders for hire, with GPS, UTS, LPS integrated systems for precision, on projects of any size or type across Australia. Our expert grader operators use these GPS, LPS & UTS integrated systems to complete the earthmoving services you need to a pre-determined grade, millimetres from the final trim.

Where steep and rough terrain or man-made infrastructure may disrupt our graders’ signal, AUSDIG offers Base Station hire to support our precision grading services. Between our machines’ GPS capabilities and our support equipment, AUSDIG ensure quality work on every project.

Total Station Hire

Grader on solid road

Road Grading

We supply our graders for hire with expert grader operators. AUSDIG’s machine operators are trained, skilled, and experienced in operating our graders with their GPS, LPS & UTS integrated systems for precision on road grading projects of any size or type.

We perform road grading tasks on sealed and unsealed roads across Australia, consistently performing to a pre-determined grade, whether flat or on a slope. As part of our comprehensive road construction services, our road grading tasks are performed on time, within budget, and to the millimetre.

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