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Our GD555-5 and GD655-5 Komatsu graders for hire are fitted with the GPS integrated systems to flatten surfaces, grade soil, and compact roads to the millimetre.

Dam Project Experts

Our team's knowledge and expertise allow us to offer a full range of dam construction services across Australia. We execute dam construction, repair, and rehabilitation projects with superior professionalism and operational skill.

At AUSDIG, we specialize in dam construction, repairs, earthen structures, reservoirs, and hydroelectric structures of all sizes. From small dam repair services to even the most complex new dam construction projects, we have the resources to meet your service demands.

Our top priority is safety and quality.

Since our establishment, AUSDIG has maintained a reputation as an expert in dam construction project design, management, and construction. We'll leverage our extensive range of equipment to bring about tremendous success in all aspects of your dam construction project across Australia.


What Makes AUSDIG the Dam Contractor for You?

Best Team

AUSDIG has assembled a top-tier team of dam civil engineering experts with dedicated experience and the ability to execute the best projects backed by our company resources and equipment.

Best Resources and Equipment

AUSDIG maintains a fleet of modern dam construction equipment and other essential resources needed to successfully complete dam projects of any size or complexity. Our ability to use in-house dam project equipment and resources gives us quality, schedule, and cost certainty.

Best Work Approach

We offer a personalized approach to dam construction, allowing you the opportunity to get a well-tailored project design and construction services across Australia. All our projects are staffed by our very best people who work with a commitment level that is second to none.

Discuss your dam construction, repair, and rehabilitation project needs with AUSDIG.

Fresh water dam

Superior Dam Construction Standards You Can Count On

Dam construction and upgrades can sometimes be complex due to the sensitive elements involved, which include construction techniques, water control, and strict quality standards. Dam works require an extensive combination of resources, equipment, and experienced labourers to bring about success.

We have the capacity and expertise required to complete dam projects according to your requirements.

At AUSDIG, we focus on construction services that deliver now and serve the future. Our commitment to sustainable services means that every dam construction project we handle is built to last.

AUSDIG offers all types of dam construction and maintenance packages, including 

but not limited to :

  • New Dam construction as per the desired shaped, size, and, depth.
  • Use of Clay for resealing of Dam with 100% no leakage guarantee.
  • Use of Bentonite for mixing with clay to create an impervious layer for the lining of the Dam.
  • Dam wall maintenance and expansion including reshaping and increasing the depth as required.

AUSDIG's Dam construction and maintenance Packages

What Makes us Different?

AUSDIG’s service capacity, versatility, and commitment to quality standards make us the leading dam construction contractor across Australia. We have the capabilities, resources, technology, and the right work approach to handle construction projects across all industries. AUSDIG has a spotless track record and a strong belief in supporting our employees' success in project delivery through quality training and development.

We always use the best technologies to ensure our construction projects are delivered on time, on budget, and to the millimetre.

We are also committed to providing effective communication between us as contractors and all our client key stakeholders throughout the course of a project.

Dam in a cattle pen

Talk to us About Your Dam Construction Project Today

We provide the best dam construction services across Australia. AUSDIG’s team is readily available to review your project requirements and provide the best quote for any services and equipment you need. Call us or fill out our online form today, and we’ll get back to you soon.

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CCF Member 10 Years South Australia

AUSDIG SA Pty Ltd is recognised as a Systems Certified Contractor by the Civil Contractors Federation, and has been involved in the Civil Construction Industry since 2007.


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