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AUSDIG offers a range of tipper trucks for hire to mining, construction, agriculture, and transport projects across Australia.

Providing Tipper Trucks for Hire to Australian Projects

AUSDIG offers a range of tipper trucks for hire to mining, construction, agriculture, and transport projects across Australia. From our headquarters in South Australia, we operate and maintain a comprehensive fleet of plant and equipment to support projects of any size and type, on any terrain, across the country. Our general tipper trucks (rigid tipper trucks) for hire are available with our expert machine operators to haul your quarry materials, aggregates, and more.

With a long list of tippers to choose from, you can be sure you’ll get the right machine to deliver your project on time and within budget – wherever it is across Australia.

Isuzu rigid tipper truck fleet

What are Rigid Haulers?

Rigid haulers (AKA rigid tippers, rigid tipper trucks, or rigid dump trucks) are a type of dump truck that does not feature “articulated steering”. With a cab connected to the trailer, rigid haulers are what the name suggests – rigid. Rigid haulers are strong, boasting high load bearing capacities, high durability, and longevity that makes them perfect for supporting long-term projects. Rigid haulers complete road hauling tasks with safety and efficiency, backed by AUSDIG’s expert machine operators.

Hire rigid tipper trucks on job sites across Australia with AUSDIG.

Our Tipper Truck Services

Rigid tipper trucks are ideal for major and long-term projects as their high load bearing capacities, longevity, and high impact resistance make them cost-effective when moving large loads over large areas throughout long periods of time. This means the haulage services best provided with our rigid tipper trucks include:

  • Rock, sand, and gravel quarries
  • Surface mines
  • Large rock, ore, and shale haulage
  • Soil and debris removal

Isuzu rigid hauler travelling on road

Rigid Dump Trucks v. ADTs

What makes a rigid dump truck “rigid” is the connection between its operator cab and trailer. Where Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs) feature an “articulation point” connecting these two sections built separately, rigid dump trucks have them welded together.

While on the surface this seems like an arbitrary change, it can have big differences in application. The design of rigid trucks allow them to carry heavy loads, bear higher impacts when material is loaded in, operate efficiently on roads and large mine sites, and require less upkeep and maintenance on long-term projects than ADTs.

If you’re looking for a dump truck for use on tight-access or rough terrain sites, however, you can hire an Articulated Dump Truck with AUSDIG today.

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